Five Favorites – Essential Oils (from the Young Living Premium Starter Kit)

I was never a fan of “hippie things” until I went through medical craziness. (Read more about my story here.) I was all about Clorox wipes, Tylenol, and a quick fix to anything that got in my way. When the quick fix didn’t work… for months… I got creative. Someone mentioned essential oils and I rolled my eyes. There is no way I was going to use some random smelly stuff and cross my fingers I felt better. As time went on, I thought but what if they actually work? I remembered a neighbor at the beach was always posting about oils, and she seems like a normal and sane person, so why not ask her? I did, and I haven’t looked back.

She convinced me to get the Young Living Premium Starter Kit and I thought it was excessive, but quickly learned it is all so useful around my house, at the office, when traveling, everywhere! That one kit with 11 oils was perfect! For months it was all I used. It was both overwhelming with so much to learn and inspiring making me want to find out what exists beyond these 11 oils. Out of those 11, these are my 5 favorites! I’ve included a little bit about them, as well as 3 easy facts for each one.

Stress Away

As part of opening the kit I was told to put a roller top on my bottle of Stress Away and roll some on my wrists. I think that is what sold me on the whole thing (I mean, I had already bought it so I was hoping I would like it.). It smelled heavenly. Stress Away now lives by my bed, in my desk at work, and in my backpack.

  • Blend that includes lime, vanilla, copaiba, and lavender
  • Helps with relaxation
  • Reduces stress and anxiety


I learned that copaiba was in my BFF Stress Away, so had to figure out what else it could do. I quickly learned it can do just about anything. It helps to promote overall wellness, which is pretty vague when you first think about it, but then I learned it can really do a lot! Copaiba actually amplifies other oils it is paired with. It is now my go-to for so many things!

  • Helps with joints, so a couple drops on my bad knee is fabulous
  • Can be added to tea after a workout or before bed
  • Diffuse to help with nerves, especially prior to bed


I love peppermint. Not in the whole its a fun Christmas flavor way, but in an I drink peppermint tea year round and stockpile peppermint baking chips the week after Christmas. I was thrilled to see this in my starter kit! This is also one of the only oils I had ever heard of people using prior to starting the whole essential oil adventure.

  • Miracle worker for headaches when a little is put on my temples (but NOT near my eyes)
  • Add a few drops to any chocolatey recipe to create a chocolate peppermint dessert
  • Peppermint paired with epsom salt makes the perfect post workout bath


RC is the miracle worker that has helped get me off my asthma inhalers. A little bit of this magic oil on my chest helps improve my breathing. I have now started using it as a preventative measure to help control my breathing during workouts!

  • Blend that includes cypress, spruce, and different kinds of eucalyptus
  • Eucalyptus makes it smell like a spa if diffused
  • Supports respiratory health (yay asthma)


This oil seemed pretty basic to me. Isn’t lemon oil something that you usually buy as flavoring at the grocery store? This thought proved I knew nothing about oils. I did know that I enjoy the smell and taste of lemon, so it was one of the easiest for me to incorporate into my life. I’m now thinking of lemon as much more than a grocery store flavoring.

  • Smells so good, I diffuse it to make my whole apartment smell fresh and clean
  • Add a few drops to a water bottle for flavored water without carrying around a whole lemon
  • Helps with immune system (which is crucial during flu season)

If you already use oils, I’d love to know your favorite from the starter kit!
If you don’t use oils but want to know more, jump right in and buy a Premium Starter Kit. That is kinda intimidating, so email me to ask more about oils if you’re curious!

Photos by the fabulous Elizabeth Alice Photography

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