Five Favorites – Podcasts

As someone with a 9-5 desk job I have a LOT of time to sit in a little cubicle. I stare at Excel formulas, I stare at Salesforce, I stare at the millions of pictures of my friends and cousins on my walls. The worst is the listening though. To go from awkward office silence to screaming customer on the phone to conversation you overhear but really shouldn’t be listening to. Let’s just say me and my headphones have a lot of time to fill, and I can only listen to John Mayer for so many hours in a day.

The first few times people suggested podcasts I am pretty sure I rolled my eyes. They seemed dorky like something my dad would listen to (sorry dad) or really dramatic with reality stars (sorry Ashley I from the Bachelor). However the fifth time I heard Slow Dancing in a Burning Room in a single day I figured something is going to have to change.

Here are my favorites that keep me smiling, laughing, and crying while attempting to make it through the week at work.

Serial – Season 1

This was the podcast that started it all. My college roommates and I have a group iChat and all of a sudden they were ALL talking about Serial. After the thousandth time I had to say who is Adnan, do I know him? I figured I should try to listen. I would never describe myself as someone who listens to NPR, or murder mysteries, or kinda creepy stories, but I binge listened to this like it was my job. Finished the whole thing in a week. I was then left thinking WHAT just happened. Even if you don’t think this is your cup of tea, I promise it will be.

For The Love

Jen Hatmaker’s book, 7, is phenomenal. In the book she dove into the idea of excess and I realized how excessive my life was. When she started a podcast I knew I had to listen. Her positive spirit, God centered life, and hilarious honesty can’t be matched. Throughout the podcast she focuses on different aspects of life: girlfriends, food, holidays, everything you love. Her guests are just as inspiration as she is. If you’re single and need a good episode to start with, check out the one with Annie F. Downs.

Scrubbing In with Becca Tilley

I love Meredith Grey. I love Becca Tilley. I love when Becca Tilley talks about Meredith Grey. No, this podcast isn’t serious. No, this podcast isn’t educational. No, this podcast won’t make you a better person (I mean, I guess it might…). Guess what? I. Do. Not. Care. I LOVE IT! Grey’s Anatomy episode recaps, dating debacles, arguments between friends, it has it all. I feel like I’m in the middle of a sleepover chat with girlfriends every time I listen. It is just fabulous.


Cait is a fellow Elon alum and lives the kind of life you look at and say, wait why can’t I do that? Then… she started a podcast that basically says YOU CAN DO THAT! She traveled the world with The Remote Year and is now bringing her girl tribe together for interviews to show that the route to success isn’t “one size fits all.” After the first episode I was already rethinking the norm, and how I thought I should be doing things versus how I could be doing things.


I’m a big fan of country music and the Bobby Bones morning show. I (not so) secretly want to move to Nashville. When Bobby started a podcast with country music artists and songwriters I was intrigued. I listened to a couple episodes and I was hooked. This is now hands down my favorite podcast. I have fallen in love with Kip Moore, heard all about writing and producing Body Like A Back Road, and could have listened to John Mayer talk for hours. Once this podcast is over… I usually end up going back to John Mayer on repeat.

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